Grab openSUSE Leap milestone 1

suse_compLeap 42.1 is an under-development openSUSE flavour cooked from the SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE) source code. If you haven’t heard already, this is not the only flavour for openSUSE going forward. Tumbleweed complements Leap. Tumbleweed is about bleeding edge while Leap is about stability. As Leap derives from SLE core, the SUSE Linux engineers will be responsible for the maintenance and the fixes and security fixes going into SLE will also be available for Leap.

The first development milestone of Leap was announced yesterday. The milestone can be deployed independently without the additional future items and subsystems that will become available when Leap is officially released. A you may have guessed, it will get updates too.

However, Leap doesn’t lack bleeding edge software in its first milestone! It includes LTS 4.1 kernel with EXT4 encryption and power management improvements for ARM and x86. Around 5,450 source packages are available at the time of writing, with 1,150 from SLE 12 core. The count of binary packages is 56,500.

Leap is planned to be released as an LTS, at Nov 2015 SUSECon in Amsterdam. GNOME 3.16, KDE Plasma 5 and Firefox 38 are planned to be included.

To try Leap 42.1, download the ISO and install it on a VM.

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