Fiber: new browser for KDE

It seems operating systems are on the spree of developing new browsers: Ubuntu, Microsoft are already on it. However, for KDE it is about time that they expire the dated Konqueror (for web-browsing at least) and build something new with support for the latest internet standards. News is: they are working on Fiber, a brand new browser.

Fiber is the work of KDE developer Ken Vermette. make no mistake, Fiber is still in the very early stages of development, most of which is around UI design. It is also clear that the browser is going to support extensions aggressively. Development focus is on Profiles, Manifest files, and startup at the time of writing.

Design aspects

  • Tab bar can be on bottom or side or top (optional). Tabs will have previews and simple information.
  • Search bar is merged with the address bar and named “Multitool” (remember Chrome’s Omnibar?).
  • Extensions based design: basic navigational elements (back, forward), the bookmarks system, buttons, options, utilities can be disabled or replaced.
  • Extensions which have searchable or traversable content (URL entry, search, history, bookmarks, downloads) will be candidates for extending into the Multitool in 3 modes:
    Background: provide additional results when typing into the address bar.
    Button: clickable option which will take over the Multitool when clicked.
    Separate: split the text input offering something like a separate text widget integrated into the address bar.
  • Tabs can also embed simple toggle-buttons, as usual, powered by extensions. Main candidates for these will be mute buttons or reader-mode buttons.

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