Shashlik: run Android apps on KDE

android_compIf the work Shashlik sounds similar to Dalvik (Android’s port of JVM) it’s not mere coincidence. The KDE team is actually working on something that will excite Android users: run Andoid apps natively on the Linux desktop environment.

Shashlik has forked a number of Android subsystems like anddroid-core, android-telephony, android-framworks-base, dalvik etc. and ompiles them on Linux by turning the build system into cmake based. The set forked is minimal and the apps will run on a desktop, laptop, tablet or even a plasma based phone or television.

At the time of writing this is the only native approach towards running Android apps on the Linux desktop natively, other than ARChon Runtime for Chrome, which needs Google Chrome.

The idea and current work will be presented by chief developer Dan Leinir Turthra Jensen at this year’s KDE Akademy events on 26 Jul 2015. You would be able to download he material presented and see applications running through Shashlik on an entirely normal Plasma desktop.

On GitHub: Shashlik

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