overGrive: Google Drive desktop client

We explored Grive along with other options to access Google Drive on Linux in an earlier article. However, none of these have a level of experience provided by Dropbox. A new Google Drive client, overGrive, claims to be a complete native solution.

As you may guess from the name, overGrive does have a connection to Grive. It started as a GUI front-end for the now defunct Grive, command line Google Drive client. Grive was not ideally suited for desktop use, so the developers decided to create a complete Google Drive desktop client for Linux from scratch using only the Google REST API. So the new overGrive 3.0 does not depend on Grive any longer and features several improvements.

overGrive has a smooth workflow and simplifies authentication token management with minimal user effort. Though the project is new, the response has been overwhelming. That’s not surprising given the fact that thousands of Linux Google Drive users signed a petition to Google for offering a native Linux client some time back.


  • Sync multiple accounts
  • Auto sync local and Google files
  • Auto sync Google Drive folder, along with selective sync
  • Convert Google Docs to Office file formats for offline editing
  • Convert Office Files back to Google Docs formats (only for original Google Drive documents)
  • Wizard-based simple workflow for setup, validation is done by invoking the browser


overGrive is still in the early stages of development at the time of writing and not recommended for critical files or productions systems. However, if you want to try it out, you can download the alpha fully functional 14-day trial package for your system from the overGrive homepage (linked below).

To install it on Ubuntu, run:

$ sudo dpkg -i overgrive_version_all.deb

Commercial strategy

overGrive is a commercial software priced at $4.99 per license per account. This includes the cost of Google API service that the devs have to pay for. However, at the time of writing NGO/NPOs and educational orgs can request free licenses and they will be provided one on verification.

Webpage: overGrive

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