hnwatch: read Hacker News in style

If you are here you might already know about Hacker News. If you don’t, Hacker News is the website to get the latest and greatest news on technology, articles, opinions, discussions, projects, jobs and what not? Logged-in users can comment too with a score based mechanism for best comments and article submissions. In brief, if you are enthusiastic about technology, Hacker News is addictive. The organization behind Hacker News also endorses promising and outstanding projects financially.

Hacker News has multiple web based mirrors developed by its large user base. It also supports feeds. But what if you want real-time updates without going through repeated webpage refreshes? hnwatch is a terminal utility that fetches real-time updates from Hacker News. You can keep it running and skim through the news (and read full articles foor interesting ones) once in a while.

hnwatch source code is available under GPLv3. It is distributed as a x86_64 binary at the time of writing. It has keyboard shortcuts to expand an item, fetch latest updates right away and so on. It also shows a classy splash screen on start-up.

Once you download hnwatch binary from the download page, make it executable by running chmod +x hnwatch. Then run it. You are in for a treat!

Webpage: hnwatch

HackerTray Indicator

If you want to read Hacker News right from your system tray, install HackerTray Indicator. Run:

$ sudo apt-get install python-appindicator python-pip
$ sudo pip install hackertray

To start the program after installation,

$ hackertray &

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