ttystudio: awesome terminal recorder

terminalThere are several utilities to record your terminal as a gif (like ttyrec). However, most of them have a number of dependencies and the procedure is rather cumbersome. ttystudio is a new tool developed with zero dependencies and support for gif and png output files.

ttystudio is mostly JS with a few C++ bindings.


  • No external dependencies, bash scripts, gif concatenation (only one gif or png generated).
  • Has its own built-in gif and apng writer, imagemagick not required.
  • It has a font parser to render the font during image writing so no terminal playback is required when writing the image (this also means no GUI is required at all – you can record on a remote machine via ssh).
  • No glitchy frames due to imperfect GUI recording of the playback or gif concatenation.
  • Will record frames even if nothing is being updated on the screen.


To install ttystudio, run:

$ sudo npm install ttystudio


To start recording, run:

$ ttystudio output.gif

To stop, press <Ctrl-q>.

For more options, run:

$ ttystudio -h

Once you are done with gif generation, don’t forget to optimize the image.

On GitHub: ttystudio

2 thoughts on “ttystudio: awesome terminal recorder”

  1. Not working on Ubuntu:
    npm WARN This failure might be due to the use of legacy binary “node”
    Scripts calling Node.js as a shell command must be changed to instead
    use the “nodejs” command. See /usr/share/doc/nodejs/README.Debian

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