RLSD: a tiny Linux distro


When it comes to mini distros Slitaz has been my favourite all the time. However, there has been a long pause in development since version 4.0 and the process is still quite slow. Hunting for another Swiss Army Knife type distro, I came across RLSD. I am delighted to say the least.

RLSD (Retro Linux-libre Software Distribution) is a Linux based distro, developed independently. The distro is unique in its completely statically linked binaries and monolithic architecture. It is console-based and comes with many cmdline utilities. RLSD is security hardened with an in-built firewall and boots to the prompt in around 3 seconds (yes!).


  • Minimal: 3 flavours: tiny, big, huge (both x86 and x86_64). Size of huge x86_64 is 69MB, minimal 14MB. A tiny chroot environment (rootfs) is also available.
  • Boots live from ISO on VirtualBox. dd support to create live USB.
  • Randomly-generated console colour scheme
  • Bock cursor, mouse copy-paste
  • Interesting packages: sdaemons (simple system tools), packlim (scriptable package manager), musl (libc), loksh (default shell)
  • Only root user, named boss
  • Hackable with developer mode login
  • Minimal processes on boot
  • Firewall enabled on boot
  • Connected to network on boot on VirtualBox (for manual configuration, use ifconfig, iw, wpa_passphrase, wpa_supplicant and dhcpcd)


  • luufs prevents malware from replacing critical files
  • logfence prevents malware from modifying logs
  • elfence prevents execution of untrusted applications
  • A security module blocks malware-like activity (e.g mprotect() with PROT_EXEC)
  • The user is trapped in a container, to protect critical system daemons
  • The operating system core is a digitally-signed image
  • Security features can be disabled by passing “secure=0” at boot time
  • Firewall, enabled by default

Grab it!

You can download the ISOs here.

Webpage: RLSD

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