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pastebinit_compGithub’s Gist service is a very useful one to share text or code snippets quickly. is the tool send text to Gist from the cmdline. How about using one of the pastebin services? There are many of them and a nifty utility on Ubuntu lets you dump text to any! We are talking of pastebinit.

pastebinit supports the following services:

  • (default on Ubuntu)


  • After pasting the text pastebin returns the URL to the user
  • Pipe (|) text or use a file name to read as argument
  • Paste anonymously or use an account
  • Syntax highlighting and text formatting options


To install pastebinit on Ubuntu, run:

$ sudo apt-get install pastebinit


Using pastebinit is as easy as it gets:

$ pastebinit file.txt

Other useful options:

-a [author] (default: $USER)
-b [pastebin url] (default on Ubuntu is
-f [format for syntax-highlighting] (default: text) (Reference)
-h help screen
-i [filename] Use filename for input
-l List all the supported pastebins
-m [permatag] (default: none)
-r [parent post ID] (default: none)
-t [title of paste] (default: none)
-u [username] (default: none)
-p [password] (default: none)

The configuration file is: ~/.pastebinit.xml

Sample configuration:

    <author>Your Name</author>

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