Teemip: IP address management

Teemip is an IP management software with a web 2.0 interface to view and control IP address allocations for an organization. While there are many commercial tools available to do that, Teemip is full-featured, open source and free. It supports both IPv4 and IPv6 in a simple but powerful interface. Teemip is for sysadmins and infrastructure support teams in an organization.


  • Define your IPv4 and IPv6 Plans through hierarchical Network Blocks
  • Delegate IP blocks from parent to child organizations
  • Manage Subnets within predefined Network Blocks
  • Attach IP Ranges to your Subnets
  • Register IPs and get a clear view on the IP space consumption
  • Allow end user to log IP requests through a simple WEB portal
  • Provide Hostmasters efficient processes to manage user requests
  • Proactively notify administrators on key events
  • Synchronize your data with external tools
  • CMDB (Configuration Management Data Base) included to document all types of devices that can be connected to an IP network together with their linkage toward the IP space (IPs used, like management IPs or hosted IPs on router interfaces
  • Manage VLANs, DNS Domains, WAN Links, AS Numbers, VRFs… (with CMDB)
  • Manage multiple customers or organizations: TeemIp supports overlapping IP spaces
  • CSV import tool for all data
  • Consistent audit to check data quality
  • History on all data


Teemip uses Apache, MySQL and PHP. It is available both as an iTop module or a standalone software. In this article we will go through the steps to install Teemip on CentOS.

  1. To install LAMP, run:
    # yum install httpd php mysql mysql-server
  2. Configure and start you Apache server
  3. Download the Teemip package
  4. Extract under a directory served by your webserver
  5. Run your webserver URL to start the Teemip configuration wizard (first run)

Webpage: Teemip

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