7 Deadly Sins of Programmers

A team of enthusiastic and confident developers can work wonders. However, an ego clash or over-competition among them can ruin a product too. No one wins at the end. Here’s a list of very common follies even in strong developers.

  1. Pride: I am the Oracle of Programming
    – No one is! A good programmer always watches out for positive reviews and feedbacks. Respect others.
  2. Envy: A pat in the back for a teammate means me taking the back-seat
    – Feeling envious when someone gets appreciated for his contributions is quite common. Sometimes it is also natural because you may have contributed to the task. However, remember that the person taking the task to a logical closure is a key player. And whether your contribution is ‘significant’ or not depends on his perception too.
  3. Gluttony: I should always be in the limelight, even if at the cost of downplaying others’ contributions
    – Very common in the software industry. But these actions are disastrous for the morale of other team members and sometimes is the only reason behind them quitting – they were never highlighted enough despite their hardwork.
  4. Lust: Add as many features as you can think of without worrying about quality.
    – No one wants a product with frequently malfunctioning features. Feature bloats are enough to kill a product. Never underestimate the time required to stabilize a product after developing a new feature.
  5. Anger: I can treat others anyway I want. They must know who is in charge here.
    – No you can’t! Slavery is gone for good from the face of earth.
  6. Greed: Will constantly compete with teammates to grow up the ladder
    – A healthy competition is good but it should not breed personal rivalries. A team cannot perform well with its members fighting against each other.
  7. Sloth: I will keep using ancient tools as long as their end of life is not declared
    – You must explore and add new tools in your arsenal and keep moving. Familiarity cannot compensate for efficiency.

Think we missed something in the list? Feel free to suggest!

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