LaZagne: password recovery tool

search_compMost of us have the habit of depending on the browser to remember our passwords. What if you have forgotten the password and want to recover it? Not only the browser, there are several applications in your system which remember your passwords in different formats and techniques (plaintext, APIs, custom algorithms, databases, etc.). How about a tool that can handle many of them?

Enter LaZagne, a multi-platform Python utility that can recover passwords from several common applications installed on a Linux or Windows system. Here’s the current support list:


On Ubuntu, it is sufficient to clone the GitHub project:

$ git clone

The standalone binaries for 32 and 64-bit are under Linux/standalone directory in the project tree. Otherwise you can also run the utility.

You will also need the python-kde4 package to retrieve passwords from Kwallet.


The following examples use the utility. Otherwise, you can also run the standalone binary.

To launch all modules:

$ all

Launch only a specific module:

$ browsers

Launch only a specific software script:

$ browsers -f


$ -h
$ browsers -h

Write all passwords into a file:

$ -w

If you actually try out these commands, please leave a comment on the results.

On GitHub: LaZagne

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