Adblock Browser for Android

android_compThere would be few desktop users who haven’t used Adblock Plus at one point or another. It is a browser extension to block ads and possible malware hiding behind those. However, Adblock couldn’t make its mark into the Android arena as Google barred them on grounds of “interference with another service or product”. It also faced another technical problem with the lack of adblocking capability over HTTPS (only HTTP worked). However, the mobile (read ad) market is growing stronger each passing day and how could a powerful product like Adblock Plus be left behind?

Adblock has solved this problem by introducing their very own browser. Adblock Browser is based on Firefox browser for Android and has several similarities. However, as expected, it adds automatic adblocking capabilities, faster browsing (as ads are not loaded) and a safer browsing experience. The browser does allow some non-obtrusive ads if the user opts.

The beta build is available as an apk. Download it and install on your Android device to get an early taste of ad-free browsing on Android .

2 thoughts on “Adblock Browser for Android”

    1. Adblock Plus for Android can only block ads over HTTP (i.e. unencrypted) connections. The Adblock Browser works over HTTPS too. I believe they will always use the latest released Firefox base and all plugins would be compatible.

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