WPS Office offers 64-bit version

It’s been a while we contacted the Kingsoft team requesting a 64-bit package. The last communication from them wasn’t positive but surprisingly they have recently released an alpha 64-bit WPS 2014 (version 9) package for Linux.

WPS Office is a Microsoft Office clone with support for docs, presentations and spreadsheets. As a matter of fact, it looks so similar that you might even fail to identify the difference on a quick look. In case you were missing MS Office on 64-bit Linux (natively, without wine), you now have a choice. Earlier the x86 version could also be installed on x86_64 Linux, but with lots of dependencies. The Community Edition comes free of cost.

We installed it on Ubuntu Trusty x86_64 with fingers crossed. The first thing we noticed is – it doesn’t feel like an alpha release. We were more than satisfied with the performance as well as the functionality. In addition to the latest formats from Microsoft, WPS still retains support for doc files. The fonts still look crisper in LibreOffice due to anti-aliasing support, but we expect more shine soon. On the brighter side, WPS offers tons of beautiful custom templates to choose from.

RPM, deb and archived binary packages are available. Go ahead and download your package for a test drive.

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