h2o: HTTP & HTTP2 server in C

cool_penguin_smallWe explored Boa in one of our earlier articles. h2o is a similar server software for HTTP and HTTP2. It also comes with a packaged SSL stack for secure connections. h2o is a highly efficient implementation with benchmarks showing better performance figures than nginx.


  • HTTP 1.0, 1.1, 2 support
  • Websocket
  • TLS (LibreSSL bundled, otherwise OpenSSL ver >= 1.0.2)
  • Static file serving
  • Reverse proxy
  • Access-logging
  • Graceful restart and self-upgrade
  • Optionally install as a library you can use in your application


Run the following commands to install h2o on Ubuntu:

$ sudo apt-get install cmake
$ git clone https://github.com/h2o/h2o
$ cd h2o
$ cmake -DWITH_BUNDLED_SSL=on .
$ make
$ sudo make install

By default h2o will be installed under /usr/local.


A sample configuration file is left during installation. To run h2o manually:

$ /usr/local/bin/h2o -c examples/h2o/h2o.conf

The sample configuration starts a server that listens to port 8080 (HTTP) and port 8081 (HTTPS).

On GitHub: h2o

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