Xubuntu core: thin Xubuntu mod

xubuntu_logo_compXubuntu is an official Ubuntu flavour featuring the lightweight Xfce desktop environment. As if it wasn’t thin enough already, the Xubuntu team introduced Xubuntu core, a lean Xubuntu derivative for people who love minimalism or have internet bandwidth caps. Xubuntu core is unrelated to Ubuntu Snappy and ships core Xfce with the basic look and feel. It lacks many of the extra features of a full-fledged desktop. Don’t expect an office suite or media player. The ISO size is 600MB (fits into a CD).

The release is based on Ubuntu 14.10. Community contributed ISOs are available for Ubuntu 15.04. This plan is to make Xubuntu core an official release ISO.


There are several ways to install Xubuntu core:

  1. Download the MInimal CD ISO and select the Xubuntu minimal installation task when prompted (requires internet).
  2. You can also wait till the Minimal CD installation finishes and run:
    $ sudo apt-get install xubuntu-core^

    Note that the ^ is required. This option also requires internet.

  3. Download a Vivid based community contributed ISO. No internet connection required.

On a personal note, I think that the ISO doesn’t solve any problem if you want to use it as your regular desktop. You will need an office suite, browser, media player etc. and installing them grows the size of the installation. Considering the size (600MB) we can’t call this a mini distro as well. If you want something light on RAM and space, you can install Xfce or LXDE on stock Ubuntu and get rid of the Unity related packages.

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