InstantCryptor: encrypt, upload files to cloud

Would you want to upload files with confidential information unencrypted to cloud storage services? If you care about security and privacy you wouldn’t. What can you do about it? A good approach would to encrypt your files using a local tool like ccrypt and then upload it to the cloud. However, you may not have your laptop with you all the time. InstantCryptor is a webapp to solve this problem.

InstantCryptor works with Dropbox and Google Drive at the time of writing. It is free of cost and claims to have 0 knowledge of your data as all files are encrypted (or decrypted) on the local device. InstantCryptor works directly from the browser, you do not need to install anything on your device.

The org behind InstantCryptor is CloudRail. The tool is written using CloudRail JavaScript SDK. Once the webapp authorizes to your cloud service, it checks if a dedicated folder for encrypted files is already present. If not, it creates one. It also creates a text file within it in case you forget where to decrypt the encrypted files. Yo upload you have to use a password which is hashed with SHA256 algorithm (encryption mode 256 Bit Rijndael/AES or CBC mode). The file is read as a JS ArrayBuffer and few to the encryption function. The result is then uploaded to the cloud service. The uploaded files are displayed in the tool. You can download and decrypt (locally) a file when you need it. If interested, you can take a look at the JS code while it’s in action.

Note that decryption fails if the file data is modified or the password is wrong. The latest implementation prepends a 32-byte checksum to make sure that the encrypted file is intact.

Webpage: InstantCryptor

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