FinalKey: cheap hardware password manager you can build

Many of us need to maintain numerous accounts and associated passwords. It’s barely possible to memorize all of them if it’s not the same or there’s a pattern. Cloud based password managers cannot be trusted. Storing everything on a local system isn’t always possible, e.g., on an office laptop. FinalKey is a small device that tries to solve the problem.

The hardware and software of FinalKey are open source. Which means you can build the hardware by yourself and flash the open source software on it. It uses the Arduino board.

Once you connect the device to the computer, you can select the account to log in to from FinalKey software. FinalKey types your user-name and password for you.


  • Dedicated hardware
  • AES-256 Encryption
  • Works with any software, on any computer
  • Acts as a keyboard, types in your passwords for you
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Creates long and strong passwords
  • Small, simple and solid
  • Simple design
  • Open-Source software and hardware build it


If you don’t have the resources to build FinalKey, you can buy one at 34€ (extra 3€ for International shipping).

Webpage: FinalKey

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