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uproxy_compInvasion on net neutrality is nothing new today. ISPs want to package the internet as they want and feed it to you. However, thanks to computer scientists and developers around the world, solutions are falling in place. uProxy is a new browser plugin that tries to address 2 problems:

  • Get safe and unrestricted access to the internet: you can access the same sites your friends can access and ISP wouldn’t be able to track it.
  • Share access with friends: friends who don’t have unrestricted access can use your shared access. At any time, you are in full control of who can access your shared bandwidth. Note that friends can only access the internet, not your computer or home network.

uProxy is like a VPN service for your friends as well as for yourself during travels. While getting access all the network traffic travels encrypted from your browser to your friend’s computer from which has broader access.

uProxy makes use of social networks like Google Hangouts and Facebook to achieve this. When you sign in to uProxy using a social network, you’ll be seeing a list of your friends who are already using uProxy. You can invite others too.

uProxy service claims that it does not log information about you if you do not opt-in to report usage metrics or use the submit feedback tool. Personally Identifiable Information is never shared out of the uProxy team and the logs are retained for maximum 3 months before they are deleted. So use the opt-in metrics or feedback options at your own risk.

uProxy is not an anonymity service. It hides information from your ISP but not from the ages you visit.

uProxy runs in the web browser and hence can only act as a proxy for web browser data, not for your desktop email client. It may not also proxy all data like flash content, WebRTC, DNS requests etc.

uProxy is open source. It comes in two pieces – one as an extension and another as in in-browser app. It supports Google Chrome and Firefox at the time of writing. You can install it from the uProxy website.

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