Sourcegraph: refer to open source code

opensource_compSourcegraph is a tool from to semantically index all open source code available on the web. No doubt this will help is developing faster without the need to rebuild the wheel. The tool lets you “search for code by repository, package, or function and click on fully linked code to read the docs, jump to definitions, and instantly find usage examples. And you can do all of this in your web browser, without having to configure any editor plugin.” Sourcegraph runs as a web service.

Current features:

  • code search
  • code browsing
  • usage examples
  • code review

Repository authors can enable their open source project or library for indexing by Sourcegraph. It also allows you to share code on websites or blogs in interactive Sourceboxes. You can click on a function call or type reference and it jumps to inner details of it.

The power of the web tool is also available as a library that can be used to develop plugins for your favourite editor.

Webpage: Sourcegraph

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