Firefox adds active tracking protection

If you are a Firefox user you might have noticed the Do Not Track option in the Privacy tab in preferences. The caveat is, websites are not required to honour the request. Even the incognito mode doesn’t ensure that websites can’t collect data. When you are tracked, websites can collect information to identify you uniquely. Protecting your identity on the web can be much more harder than you may think.

Firefox just came forward to help the cause in collaboration with Disconnect. The latest versions of the widely popular browser has an option to block trackers which it fetches from Disconnect’s blocklist. This Tracking Protection will actively block domains and sites that are known to track users i.e., the websites which are known not to honour the Do Not Track request. The blocklist will grow with usage.

To enable Tracking Protection, visit the about:config page in Firefox and set the following options to true:


Firefox will actively block tracking domains or mixed content now. You will see a shield whenever that happens. You can choose to disable Tracking Protection for a website. If Tracking Protection is disabled for a site, you will see a shield with a red strike-through.

To re-enable Tracking Protection for the website, click the shield icon again and select “Enable protection”.

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