ShareDrop: HTML5 Apple AirDrop clone

Our last article was on lancat but today we found an online service way cooler than lancat. We are talking of ShareDrop, an online service which discovers others users in a LAN using it and allows simple drag and drop file transfers between them through a cool interface. ShareDrop mimics Apple’s AirDrop service and provides the same P2P file transfer experience. The project is implemented in HTML5 and webRTC. It also uses Firebase for presence management and WebRTC signaling.

ShareDrop doesn’t need any additional software installation. Both the sender and receiver needs to be on the same LAN (i.e. devices with the same public IP address) and visit the website (linked below). It supports Chrome, Opera and Firefox at the time of writing.

ShareDrop also allows file transfer between different networks. click the + button at the top right corner of the page to create a room with unique URL and share this URL with other people you want to send a file to. Once they open this page in a browser on their devices, you’ll see each other’s avatars.

Where is it different from AirDrop? ShareDrop needs a network connection while AirDrop can create an ad-hoc wireless network between them. But ShareDrop has the advantage that it allows transfers between mobiles and desktops as well as between networks.

Webpage: ShareDrop

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