Papyrus: Qt5 notes manager

Papyrus is a fresh Qt5 based notes manager with a polished interface. It is a fork of the Kaqaz Note Manager targeting a better interface, security and faster performance. The application maintains a list of notes.


  • Notes management by means of labels and categories
  • Sorting notes by day
  • A user-interface different from other applications
  • Advance and Smart searching in notes
  • To-Do papers
  • Backing up notes
  • Encrypted synchronization via Dropbox among all your devices
  • Supporting left-to-right and right-to-left languages
  • Sharing papers with other applications
  • Assigning password for protecting notes
  • Attach map and weather to note informations automatically
  • Attaching photos, audio files and folders to any note
  • Search on papers by location
  • Capability of running and sync data on all operating systems (Android, Windows, Linux, Mac and soon other operating systems)
  • Free and open source (GPLv3)
  • Canvas for painting
  • Search on papers using weather and temperature, your notes wrote.
  • Can move data to sd-card (on old phones)
  • Status and statistics page for notes
  • Synchronizing files


Papurus installers for multiple platforms can be downloaded from its home page (linked below). deb packages for Ubuntu are available.

Webpage: Papyrus

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