xonsh: intelligent modern shell

xonsh (pronounced conch) is a new shell developed by Anthony Scopatz. xonsh is written in python and is BASH compatible to some extent. The language of xonsh is a superset of python 3.4 with additional shell primitives.


  • inline math expression evaluation
  • typed environment variables
  • tab completion everywhere
  • file names an be globbed with regular expressions
  • multiline input
  • built-in python functionality: import modules, print values, create and use literal data types, such as ints, floats, lists, sets, and dictionaries
  • loops, functions and classes
  • python-mode and subprocess-mode
  • pipes (|), redirection (>, >>) and non-blocking mode (&), file globbing (*)


To install xonsh, run:

$ sudo pip install xonsh


xonsh has a very well-explained tutorial to kickstart with.

Webpage: xonsh

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