TeraShare: share files over BitTorrent

transfer_compTeraShare is a new service that makes sharing large files with your friends over the internet super-easy. It connects your system directly with the receiver system and intelligently shares the file in chunks. As in BitTorrent, clients receive parts of the file from different peers. TeraShare uses the libtorrent library internally.

TeraShare has a client software which needs to be installed on the participating systems but all user interaction is done through the web interface (linked below). The web interface communicates with the client installed locally. When a file is shared, TeraShare generates a unique secret link which the receiver can use to download the file.


  • Free of cost
  • Unlimited file size
  • Share files or directories
  • Automatic resume of downloads
  • Protection again file corruption
  • Protection against eavesdropping (uses RC4 encryption)
  • Drag and drop to share supported
  • P2P sharing with multiple friends. Data is not stored on server.
  • NAT holepunching for people behind a NAT router
  • Traffic routed through relay server if direct connection cannot be established.


Download the installer from homepage and install. deb package is available for Ubuntu.

Webpage: Terashare

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