Useful LibreOffice extensions

libreoffice_compLibreOffice has many extensions to boost productivity with the suite. We picked a few of them to share with our readers. You can search and download the extensions from the official extensions website. Try them and let us know your experience.

  • LanguageTool
    A style and grammar proofreading software for English, French, German and many other languages. You can think of LanguageTool as a software to detect errors that a simple spell checker cannot detect, e.g. mixing up there/their, no/now etc. It can also detect some grammar mistakes.
  • Read Text
    Lets an external program or web application read text from Writer, Calc, Draw, Impress, Web Writer or the system clipboard. If you use it to read text aloud, it can help you to edit your writing or to compare your document’s text with a printed document. If you use it with a web application, you can translate your text to another language or check punctuation and grammar. You need eSpeak / Festival / Mbrola on Linux for speech synthesis.
  • AltSearch
    Extension that adds many new features to Writer’s stock find & replace function. Supports regular or extended expressions, various criteria for text search, text containing multiple paragraphs, multiple search and replace and many many more functionalities.
  • Code Colorizer Formatter
    A simple parser is used to identify elements in the supported languages; for example, keywords, literals, comments, and operators. Each element type is set to use a specific character style. The style sets the color used for that portion. Supports Bash, Basic, C++, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, R, SQL, XML, C#, 8085 Assembler, and x86 Assembler.
  • Review Toolbar
    Implements a new Review toolbar with some relevant command buttons that are spread out in various menus and toolbars. The icons represent options to view and edit changes, comments, toggle highlighting, toggle line numbers and clear the document.
  • WebDAV integration
    Allows the user to open and save documents directly on a WebDAV server.
  • TexMaths
    an addon designed to provide LaTeX support into LibreOffice. LaTeX equations can be inserted as images (SVG or PNG formats) and the LaTeX code is saved into the image attribute for further editing.
  • MultiSave
    Save a document simultaneously into OpenDocument and/or MS-Office and/or PDF formats.

Once the .oxt file is downloaded locally, open LibreOffice and navigate to Tools ▸ Extension Manager ▸ Add… and select the extension to install it. Note that some extensions might need JAVA to be installed on your system.

Webpage: LibreOffice Extensions

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