rtv: view Reddit from terminal

Good news for Reddit addicts, you can now enjoy the front page of the internet directly from the terminal. Reddit Terminal Viewer (rtv) is a console based application in Python that can view both subreddits and individual submissions. However, it lacks the capability to login to Reddit or post comments at the time of writing. The latest version supports login (using OAuth) and comment submission, edits etc.

rtv uses the curses library and hence can run on almost any terminal.


To install rtv on Ubuntu, run:

$ git clone https://github.com/michael-lazar/rtv.git
$ cd rtv
$ sudo python setup.py install


Launch rtv using:

$ rtv

To get help:

$ rtv --help

List of keyboard shortcuts

Global commands
Arrow Keys or hjkl : Navigation
r or F5            : Refresh the current page
q                  : Quit the program

Subreddit mode [view top submissions on either the front page or a specific subreddit]
Right or Enter : Open the currently selected submission in a new page.
/              : Open a prompt to switch to a different subreddit. E.g., pressing / and typing python will open /r/python. You can return to Reddit's front page by using the alias /r/front.

Submission Mode [view the self text for a submission and browse comments]
Right or Enter : Toggle the currently selected comment between hidden and visible. Alternatively, load additional comments identified by [+] more comments.
Left           : Exit the submission page and return to the subreddit.

On GitHub: rtv

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