Favourite vim colorschemes

Syntax highlighting is one of the essential features of any programmer’s IDE. A good colour theme can add a lot of clarity to the code. Vim is my favourite editor. It has pluggable syntax highlighting support. I have my share of favourite vim colorschemes (official term) or themes. I am a C/C++ developer and prefer dark themes. Here’s the alphabetical list of themes I prefer:

  • badwolf
  • ingretu
  • molokai
  • neverland-darker
  • skittles_berry
  • vividchalk
  • wombat256mod

Sometimes I modify the themes here and there to tune them. You can download all the colorschemes listed above (with my modifications).
md5sum: 0b12fb48b123b398a49621afe5e8b701

All the themes can be found at Vim Colors.

Readers may point out popular themes like solarized but please consider the list as a personal preference.


You can download a colorscheme file, which is essentially plugin file with .vim extension and copy it into ~/.vim/colors to use it. To use a new theme (e.g. neverland-darker), add the following to your ~/.vimrc:

syntax enable
"Explicitly add 256 colorscheme support
set t_Co=256
colorscheme neverland-darker

What’s more, if you want to generate your own colorscheme you can do so easily at vim.ink.

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