Birdman (2014)

Iñárritu’s last film Biutiful was one of the bleakest movies I have ever watched. And I didn’t have any reasons to complain, thanks to the unforgettable performance from Javier Bardem. Birdman, however, is a dark comedy with an astonishing mix of powerful and lively drama. All of the characters expect more from life in one way or another. It’s most pronounced in the protagonist (Riggan, played by Michael Keaton), who has monumental issues in life but tries to make a final comeback as a true artist in Broadway. Iñárritu mixes reality and fantasy so well that it’s hard to believe Riggan doesn’t have any superpowers. In fact, his portrayal gets larger than life towards the end and the audience is bound to see themselves in his efforts to fight back. There are few highlighted characters in the film (which is typical of Broadway too) and all of them deliver strong performances. Birdman might as well be Iñárritu’s masterpiece. And it has 9 well-deserved Oscar nominations to back the claim. My rating would be 9/10. Strictly for adults due to nudity and profanity.

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