clif: record CLI as gif

We explored several tools to record terminal and share them. Most of those use tools like ttyrec or script or follow the same principles. clif is a fresh tool that records console sessions as optimized gif files. It uses web technologies like JS to do the job.

clif depends on child_pty, term.js omggif and phantomjs. child_pty is used to spawn a pseudo terminal which is captured. The captured frames are sent to phantomjs headless browser to render using term.js and screenshot. The gif is created using omggif.


  • Small GIFs
  • High quality (anti-aliased fonts)
  • Rendered with CSS/JS, customizable
  • Real-time parallel rendering
  • Frame aggregation and customizable FPS
  • Support for titles
  • Supports Linux and OSX


To install clif, run:

$ sudo npm install -g clif


To record a session as out.gif, run:

$ clif out.gif

Type exit to finish the recording.

Available options:

Syntax: clif [options] 
-h, --help      output usage information
-V, --version   output the version number
-c, --cols      cols of the term [90]
-r, --rows      rows of the term [30]
-s, --shell     shell to use [/bin/bash]
-f, --fps       frames per second [8]
-q, --quality   frame quality 1-30 (1 = best|slowest) [5]

On GitHub: clif

Similar software

To install on Ubuntu:

$ sudo apt-get install byzanz

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