Goosh: Google shell for browsers

google_compHere’s a stylish way to flaunt your browser’s home page – Goosh. It’s an unofficial Google shell from where you access some of the Google services. There are several supported commands (with easy aliases) which you can use to fetch results. The results appear 4 at a time and you can fetch more if you want. The search result links open in a new browser tab.


  • Use Google search, blogs, news, feeds
  • Use the lucky option to get the first result
  • Search Wikipedia or Amazon. Use the site keyword (as in the regular Google search) to search a specific site.
  • Use Google search modifiers like double qoutes, define…
  • Mathematical calculations
  • Shows suggestions in case of typos
  • Open source


List of supported commands (at the time of writing):

command aliases parameters function
web (search,s,w) [keywords] google web search
ls [command] lists commands
wiki (wikipedia) [keywords] wikipedia search
site (in) <url> <keywords> search in a specific website
read (rss,r) <url> read feed of url
clear (c) clear the screen
amazon (am) [keywords] amazon search
settings (set) [name] [value] edit settings
feeds (feed,f) [keywords] google feed search
help (man,h,?) [command] displays help text
more (m) get more results
lucky (l) [keywords] go directly to first result
calculate (calc) [mathematical expression] evaluate a mathematical expression
go (g) <url> open url
open (o) <url> open url in new window
blogs (blog,b) [keywords] google blog search
news (n) [keywords] google news search
cd <command> change mode
addengine add goosh to firefox search box
load <extension_url> load an extension

– Enter green commands without parameters to change default mode.
– Anything that’s not a command will search in current default mode.
– Aliases will expand to commands. Numbers will expand to corresponding search results.
– Use cursor up and down for command history.
– Enter keyword and hit the tab-key for tab-completion.
– Commands marked with * are experimental, use them with care and please report any bugs.

Here’s an example custom search:> s "cli tools"

Fetch more results:> m

To add Goosh search to your browser, run:> addengine

Webpage: Goosh

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