Whiteout: end to end encrypted mails

Encrypted email services are on the rise as more and more users look for privacy to save their personal information from prying eyes. We explored services like Tutanota and ProtonMail earlier, both based out of the US. Today we came across one more non-US fully encrypted email service – Whiteout, based in Munich, Germany.

Whiteout is being developed by 3 devs at the time of writing and has found investors in two German organizations – HTGF and Bayern Kapital. The service is in a Beta state right now.


  • As clarified by the devs, the goal of Whiteout is privacy and not anonymity.
  • The mails are encrypted on the client and are never transferred decrypted.
  • The service uses OpenPGP protocol for encryption. The source code is free for auditing on GitHub.
  • As a big bonus, you can use your existing email address with Whiteout service. Any email provider supporting IMAP should work. Whiteout also hosts its own encrypted mailbox.
  • Supports web interface, Android, iOS, Chrome. Windwos and Firefox OS will be supported soon.
  • Non-bloated email interface.
  • Open source.


You can add your current email address to the service here. To sign up for a fully encrypted Whiteout Mailbox you need an access code at the moment. We have some Beta access codes. Please contact us if you are interested in having a Whiteout mailbox of your own.

Whiteout has plans to become a paid service in future. However, it’s unclear at this moment whether Beta sign-ups would need to pay to upgrade when that happens. We’ll update if we receive any communication from the devs.

Good news for devs! Whiteout has openings for master programmers at the time of writing.

Webpage: Whiteout

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