The Judge (2014)

To be honest, I held very high hopes about this movie but a lot got spoiled by Robert Downey Jr. I am not sure how many shallow movies it takes to prove that a guy is not just cut out for character roles! The tremendous performance from Robert Duvall was one of the reasons I kept watching the The Judge. The fantastic roles of Jeremy Strong and Billy Bob Thornton deserve to be mentioned. These saved me from being totally disappointed. The melodrama from Robert is just not acceptable in this kind of a movie because it can’t be blended-in how much the director tries. Even the character of his daughter plays a more serious role than him! The picturesque and green countryside is a bonus. Music is reasonably good. The story is nothing original but the movie highlights the old-school values held up by veterans, and takes it to an extreme level thanks to the larger than life Robert Duvall. The movie also pictures three generations of a family with great attention to the character details. I would have given it more than 7.5/10 had there been less or lack of Robert Downey Jr. clichés.

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