spf13-vim: custom vim for devs

Are you a vim fan who loves customization tips or plugins to make it more power-packed? spf13-vim is a custom vim distribution that might exactly be the thing you are looking for.


  • Custom configuration for ~/.vimrc and suited to programming. Well organized into sections with labels and comments.
  • Centralized swap and backup files.
  • Fixes common typos like :W, :Q etc.
  • Setup the interface to make use to vim’ power features.
  • Configured plugins like Vundle, NERDtree, Surround, Syntastic, Tagbar, Easymotion and more…
  • Provision to add your own bundles or custom settings
  • Additional syntaxes like Markdown, Twig, Git commits
  • Colour themes included
  • Snippets for use with snipmate
  • Support through mailing list and discussion group
  • Same customization for Linux, Windows and Mac


If you think all that is purely awesome, install spf13-vim on Linux with the following command:

$ curl http://j.mp/spf13-vim3 -L -o - | sh

Don’t worry! It will backup your existing configuration.

Webpage: spf13-vim

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