Nightcrawler (2014)

Nightcrawler is one of those movies where you embark into a downhill journey with the protagonist and start justifying everything you do to achieve your goal in the end. I can’t remember any other film I watched in the past year which underlines its theme so boldly as in Nightcrawler. While no moral person would question the need for being unbiased in journalism, modern day journalists are almost always compelled to take a side. In case of our protagonist, Lou Bloom, it just happened to be his own. He struggled his way up the ladder, learnt by himself and finally discovered his talent. How could he let anyone ruin the show he developed so meticulously? Jake Gyllenhaal delivers extremely well as Lou and his effort shows in his physique too. I think he deserved an Oscar nomination for the tremendous performance in Nightcrawler. Anyway, it’s not an Americanized patriotic or sentimental movie so I’m not surprised to see him struck off the list. My rating would be 8.5/10.

Favourite quote

Lou: What if my problem wasn’t that I don’t understand people but that I don’t like them?

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