Papyros: Linux with Material Design

Papyros desktop

Google’s Material Design is one of the most well-received GUI design guidelines in recent times. It’s already implemented in many Android models. However, bringing that to the desktop as a framework is certainly a welcome initiative. More so when it targets the Linux desktop, with already established desktop frameworks like KDE, Gnome, Ubuntu Unity and ongoing efforts like the Budgie desktop.

Papyros is a brand new OS that’s doing it right now. It’s based on Arch Linux and already looks stunning.

To add to it, Papyros uses OStree for system version management, which allows rollbacks when something goes haywire. The GUI is developed in Qt5 and QtQuick. The desktop shell uses Wayland. Many of the application designs are still concepts.

Clock design concept

Notes and calculator design concept

There is no release date available yet. The team has assured that the OS is under active development and a release will be announced as soon as possible.

Webpage: Papyros

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