Vivaldi & Breach: modern browsers


Vivaldi is from the original developers of the Opera browser. The user interface seems to follow Google’s material design closely and the engine is powered by Chromium. The browser is currently available as a tech preview. Vivaldi is written using JS, React (for GUI) and Node.js, Browserify, NPM modules.

Feature highlights in the tech preview:

  • Keyboard shortcuts and quick command menu
  • Notes panel for taking notes or screenshots
  • Speed dials
  • Tab stacks to group multiple tabs under a single tab
  • Page actions for applying colour filters, fonts and transformations
  • Runs on Linux, Windows and Mac

The team is working on mail, sync, spatial navigation, performance and extensions.


Breach is a hackable, modular browser. Anyone can add new functionality to it with a few lines of JS and CSS. Every behaviour in exposed through APIs. Breach is developed in a three-tier design:

  • UI is JS and HTML5
  • The second layer is built using Chromium (like Vivaldi) and communicates with the lowest layer using v8 native bindings and multiplexed to modules. Security and performance are of utmost importance. Tabs and modules are separate processes.
  • The core of the browser runs as a NodeJS event loop. each module runs as a NodeJS process and interacts with the browser core through IPC.

Breach is available for Linux.

2 thoughts on “Vivaldi & Breach: modern browsers”

  1. Chromium with tab stacks o/ That’s what I’ve been waiting for since the death of Opera 12!

    They say the founder of Vivaldi Technologies is John von Tetzchner, former Opera CEO.

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