Evolve OS Beta 1 announced

If you remember our article covering the most beautiful Linux distros, Evolve OS was one of our picks. While it was under development when we published that article, chief developer Ikey Doherty announced the first Beta of the OS a few hours back. Evolve OS flaunts the Budgie desktop, a fabulous mod of Gnome 3.

Features in Beta 1

  • Evolve OS Software Centre
  • Budgie Desktop based on Gnome 3.14.2 stack
  • Out of the box support for many codecs (like H.264. MP3 and DVDs)
  • Totem and Rhythmbox pre-installed for multimedia
  • Desktop usage optimization

Automatic driver management and 32-bit updates are planned post Beta 1. However, you can still expect some of your games to run smoothly.

Once you download the ISO (link below) burn it to a CD, DVD or write it to USB. Linux users can use dd:

$ sudo dd if=/path/to/Evolve-OS-Beta1.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=4M;sync
// where /dev/sdb is your USB flash drive. Be cautious!


  • There are some glitches around installation on hardware and the devs will take care of it as soon as possible.
  • The ISO is not UEFI compatible. The Beta 2 will have support for UEFI hardware.
  • There’s no password for the live session user. Just press the <Enter> key.

Download ISO

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