Wonder Shaper: limit interface bandwidth usage

cool_penguin_smallWonder Shaper can control the bandwidth usage of an interface and balance uplink downlink speeds. The intention is similar to tools like NetHogs or trickle. The utility is a shell script that uses tc for traffic shaping and QoS for an interface. Outgoing requests are placed in queues of different priorities and incoming ones are controlled by packet dropping.

The stated goals of the project are:

  • Maintain low latency for interactive traffic. Services like Telnet or SSH should not appear sluggish.
  • Allow surfing at reasonable speeds during upload and download.
  • Make sure uploads don’t harm downloads, and vice versa.


To install Wonder Shaper on Ubuntu:

$ sudo apt-get install wondershaper


  • Show the status of traffic shaping on an interface
    $ wondershaper wlan0
  • Remove traffic shaping from an interface
    $ wondershaper clear wlan0
  • Shape traffic for an interface by specifying downlink and uplink speeds in kilobits per second
    $ wondershaper [ interface ] [ downlink ] [ uplink ]
    $ wondershaper wlan0 100000 20000

Webpage: Wonder Shaper

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