HotShots: grab freehand screen captures

The maim & slop combo has been my favourite screen capture tool on Ubuntu for quite sometime. However, I love improvisation and was looking for a screenshot tool that can also capture a freehand area on the screen by tracking the mouse movement. Shutter is a nice tool but it doesn’t have this particular feature. My search ended with a much more powerful tool – HotShots. It is written in Qt.


  • Grab current screen, all monitors (for multi-monitor setup), current window or a part of the desktop.
  • Capture a freehand drawn region of the screen.
  • Capture window with or without decoration.
  • Capture with custom delay.
  • Keep or hide mouse cursor.
  • Copy snapshot to clipboard.
  • Save the screenshot in multiple formats (PNG, JPG, BMP …).
  • Automatically save the screenshot to clipboard, disk.
  • Automatically scale the screenshot to a given size.
  • Use system shortcuts to take a screenshot.
  • In-built editor.
  • Add automatically some “post-effects” to the screenshot (drop shadow, rotation, border …).
  • Add annotation items (text, arrows, rectangle …) to the snapshot.
  • Minimize to system tray
  • Export edited image in multiple formats (PNG, JPG, BMP …).
  • Send image directly to printer or to web service.
  • Available for Linux and Windows.


To install HotShots on Ubuntu:

$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:dhor/myway
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install hotshots

Webpage: HotShots

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