Snappy Ubuntu Core for IoT, drones and what not!

ubuntu_logo_81x81Canonical announced a new mod of Ubuntu, named Ubuntu Core (aka Snappy) which is literally the stripped-down version of Ubuntu. This flavour is very thin in size as well as memory requirements and will be based on Ubuntu 15.04, to be released in April this year. This is a rather surprise announcement from Canonical given the fact that most of the expectations about 15.04 are around convergence. While the company has made great progress towards convergence already, Ubuntu Core will give it entry to a broader class of devices and appliances, e.g.:

  • IoT: wearable chip-based small devices which are connected to the Internet.
  • Drones: light aircrafts with already a fork of the Linux kernel for OS development
  • Mobile devices
  • Cloud based appliances: Ubuntu Core can de deployed to
    > Microsoft Azure
    > Google Cloud Platform
    > Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud
    > Docker
  • Launch locally on Linux with KVM, Vagrant and OVA images (for VirtualBox or VMware)
  • Will run of ARM or x86 devices (like ARM Beaglebone)

Design & Advantages

  • The OS and application files are kept completely separate, as a set of distinct read-only images.
  • These files are read-only, which means they cannot be tampered with and can be updated perfectly and predictably every time.
  • Transactional, image-based delta updates for the system and applications that can always be rolled back.
  • Signatures and fingerprints ensure you’re running exactly what was published by the developer, no funny business even if the bits came from the internet.
  • Delta management keeps the size of downloads to the bare minimum.
  • Easily extensible with frameworks from Canonical or other vendors.


Ubuntu Core devices will need a 600MHz processor with 128MB of RAM and a 4GB flash for factory reset plus system rollback. Ubuntu Core will use 40MB RAM leaving the rest for applications.


To try Snappy Ubuntu Core on a VM, download the latest OVA image.

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