Deception (2013)

I picked the Italian movie Deception (aka The Best Offer) for the weekend. It is a mystery movie based on modern times but brings in a historical aspect as the protagonist deals in antiques. The author and director have done good research and I learnt bits and pieces about live Art auctions, forgeries and automatons. Though the end seemed predictable very early in the film (from the suspicious phone calls), I liked the way the director tried to add a genuine tag to the earlier events through an interesting twist. The storyline also appears realistic given the age of the lone protagonist. A lot of things go on in Deception and the plan is quite elaborate, but in my opinion the mix is reasonably accurate. I am not sure whether the movie ends in reality or in the dreamspace of the protagonist but whichever it is, the intention is clear. The director has tried his best to create an enjoyable film and he has succeeded. The actors deliver their best. Background music matches the theme strikingly. Deception seems to be overrated on IMDB and my rating would be 7/10 only because of the entertainment factor. The storyline is far from gripping. Strictly for adults due to nudity.

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