What We Do in the Shadows (2014)

It’s quite strange that I would fall for a vampire mocumentary but the disappointing latest episode of the Big Bang Theory made me try something else. I admit the experience was rewarding to say the least. What We Do in the Shadows is stuffed with funny bits throughout. The film deals in the ways the ancient vampires modernize and socialize still trying to hold on to their norms. While horror stories picture them as vicious creatures the film chooses to show that they are afraid of many factors too. I have never felt the urge for watching Twilight but I am pretty sure the theme is same there as well. It’s all about learning to cope with the modern times and co-habitating. If you are like me, you wouldn’t notice or care about that angle in the film but you’ll surely enjoy the hilarious moments.  It’s a very low-budget project with few significant characters though it never seems so. It has its share of gore (it’s a vampire story, come on…) but in a fun way. What We Do in the Shadows has been screened in quite a few film festivals including Berlin, Toronto, Sydney and received positive reviews. Strictly for adults and definitely worth a watch if you are not afraid of vampires. My rating would be 7.5/10.

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