More network tools from ntop devs

If you are not familiar with it, ntop is a tool that shows the network usage, similar to what the popular top command does. While ntop is a very useful utility, the developers didn’t stop at that. They offer many more free network utilities for network monitoring, capture, replay, analysis and VPN. In this article we will explore those.

Note that they have several hardware solutions too, which this article will not cover. Please refer to the website (linked below) for information on those.


  • n2disk
    Capture full network packets at multi-GB speed in RCAP format (understood by Wireshark).
  • disk2n
    Replay network traffic captured by n2disk on live networks.
    A new type of socket designed for fast traffic capture. Available as a kernel module.
  • nProbe
    A pure NetFlow collector in environments such as a diskless embedded system with limited resources or a corporate firewall.
  • ntopng
    Use a web browser to navigate through ntop (that acts as a web server) traffic information and get a dump of the network status.
  • nDPI
    A ntop-maintained superset of the popular OpenDPI library. Released under the LGPL license, its goal is to extend the original library by adding new protocols that are otherwise available only on the paid version of OpenDPI.
  • n2n
    A L2 P2P VPN which allows users to exploit features typical of P2P applications at network instead of application level. Users can gain native IP visibility (e.g. two PCs belonging to the same n2n network can ping each other) and be reachable with the same network IP address regardless of the network where they currently belong. In brief, n2n moves P2P from application to network level.

Webpage: ntop

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