The game of git

git_logo_compLearning a new tool can sometimes seem boring. Especially when there are a lot of new concepts involved. And just when you think you are comfortable you might need to Google for the right options. Git is one such tool. Earlier I wrote about an interactive Git tutorial along with links to some informative resources on Git. I also shared the list of common Git commands I use regularly for development.

Today I came across a game to evaluate one’s command on Git: git-game. It’s a set of tasks you need to complete. Each task is a level, much like the puzzle games. The levels are incrementally difficult too.

How to play

Checkout the repository from GitHub:

$ git clone

The next clue (including the first one) is always in the file. Good luck!

UPDATE: If you are done with version 1, you can move on to The game of git version 2. Clone the repository:

$ git clone

and start with

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