xautolock: lightweight screen locker

terminalIf you are looking for an alternative to the xscreensaver package check out the lightweight xautolock. It tracks the user activity and fires a program when a specified time period is elapsed without user activity. Though it can be used with multiple locker programs, my personal preference is the lean xtrlock. The reason I prefer xtrlock is even if it locks the screen you can optionally view the desktop and any activity going on, e.g. a lengthy build.

Install xautolock and xtrlock on Ubuntu:

$ sudo apt-get install xautolock xtrlock

Run xautolock (10 minute timeout) with xtrlock:

$ xautolock -time 10 -locker "xtrlock -b"

You can add it to a startup script. Run top and see for yourself how lightweight xautolock is.

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