cli tools in my Linux kit

terminalI had been exploring various cmdline based utilities under the tag useful cli tools. There are some among those which I need and use regularly. Here’s an alphabetical list of those tools with links to the relevant articles where I explored them. I have intentionally ignored tools like vim, git etc. which are very well-known.

  • aria2: download manager
  • my own simple script to backup and restore modified scripts
  • boa: lightweight http server to share files over the internet or LAN
  • colormake: colourful make output to easily detect errors
  • ctags/cscope: utilities for browsing code projects
  • maim/slop: take screenshots
  • mencoder/avconv: multimedia transcoding
  • ncdu: disk usage analyzer
  • newsbeuter: RSS news feed reader
  • note: note manager with encryption
  • parted: partition manager
  • patool: one tool to handle all compressed files
  • pushd/popd: easy directory navigation
  • remindme: my own one shot reminder using at and zenity
  • reptyr: move programs between terminals
  • rtorrent: download torrents and magnets
  • undistract-me: get notified on long-command completion
  • watch: automatically repeat a command
  • wcalc: powerful scientific calculator
  • xtrlock: lock the system with or without live desktop view

Here’s an earlier list of GUI tools I regularly use.

Which one of these do you use? Got any suggestions I should check out?

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