calcurse: terminal based organizer

calcurse brings you an scheduler, todo list and a calendar in a single package. It also supports notifications to remind you of you upcoming events. calcurse is based on the curses library and has an easy to use interface.


  • Fast and customizable curses-based interface
  • Supports colour schemes
  • Powerful non-interactive cmdline interface that can be used by scripts
  • User-definable key bindings
  • Fully user-configurable notification system (ability to send mails or anything else that could remind you of your upcoming appointments)
  • Moon phases calculation
  • Import capabilities with support for iCalendar format
  • Export capabilities with support for iCalendar and pcal formats
  • Ability to attach notes to each calendar element, and to edit them with your
  • Favorite text editor
  • UTF-8 support


To install calcurse on Ubuntu:

$ sudo apt-get install calcurse


It is very easy to setup and use calcurse, thanks to the easy navigation.

  • Press Enter after you start calcurse to use options for each component. Tab jumps between components and shows the options.
  • The configuration file is ~/.calcurse/conf. You can change the existing options to alter the behaviour of the applicaiton.
  • To get notifications even when calcurse is not running, change notify-daemon_enable to yes in the config file.
  • It is possible to import Google Calendar events (exported in ics format) to calcurse using the Import option.

Webpage: calcurse

Similar software

Wyrd is a text-based front-end to Remind, a sophisticated calendar and alarm program.

3 thoughts on “calcurse: terminal based organizer”

  1. If you’re a fan of calcurse then might I suggest wyrd.

    When it comes to personal scheduling nothing beats remind.
    However, working with remind directly is tedious.
    Wyrd acts as a front-end to remind, allowing one to view and manage their tasks using an interface similar to calcurse.

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