Searx: self-hosted web metasearch engine

search_compGoogle search doesn’t respect your privacy. Many people prefer DuckDuckGo or Startpage as alternatives. But the source code of these engines are not open. How about a web search engine that you can audit and host yourself? We are talking of Searx, a open source, hackable metasearch engine.


  • Tracking free
  • Supports multiple output formats: json, csv, opensearch/rss
  • Opensearch support (you can set as default search engine)
  • Configurable search engines/categories
  • Different search languages
  • Duckduckgo like !bang functionality with engine shortcuts
  • Parallel queries – relatively fast


  • Install required packages
    $ sudo apt-get install git build-essential libxslt-dev python-dev python-virtualenv python-pybabel zlib1g-dev
  • Install Searx
    $ cd /usr/local
    $ sudo git clone
    $ sudo useradd searx -d /usr/local/searx
    $ sudo chown searx:searx -R /usr/local/searx
  • Install dependencies in a virtualenv
    $ sudo -u searx -i
    $ cd /usr/local/searx
    $ virtualenv searx-ve
    $ . ./searx-ve/bin/activate
    $ sudo pip install -r requirements.txt
    $ sudo python install
  • Configure
    $ sed -i -e "s/ultrasecretkey/`openssl rand -hex 16`/g" searx/settings.yml
  • Edit searx/settings.yml if necessary
  • Start Searx and visit http://localhost:8888
    $ python searx/
  • If Searx works fine, disable debug
    $ sed -i -e "s/debug : True/debug : False/g" searx/settings.yml

Note that you need uwsgi to run Searx as a daemon. For installation instructions, as well as to configure a web-server, visit Searx wiki.

To try out Sear on a publicly hosted site, visit

On GitHub: Searx

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