Gone Girl (2014)

Gone Girl is a complex (and sometimes very twisted) movie on human relationships from acclaimed director David Fincher. David loves playing with the human psychology and takes it to unmatched heights but he doesn’t sacrifice any of the entertainment factor. Who didn’t like Fight Club, Se7en or The Game? Gone Girl is no exception. How does a series of witty challenges thrown by a highly ambitious wife that can take the husband to the gallows sound? Not bad, eh? The movie starts there and takes the audience through a roller coaster of sudden and unthinkable series of events. The logic behind some of them and parts of  the investigation procedure might be questionable but the movie clings to reality most of the time, thanks to the original novel by Gillian Flynn. Rosamund Pike is no longer the going to be killed dumb accomplice in a Bond movie and does justice to the extremely complex character she plays. The narratives from the diary are very well-timed throughout the movie and adds to the thrill. The end leaves a question on what should have been the right thing to do for the tormented husband who can’t even keep his secrets safe. My rating would be 8.5/10. Strictly for adults due to abundance of profanity, nudity and violence.

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