JARVYS: Linux cloud storage

cloud_compJARVYS is a secure cloud storage solution for Linux. It works on a snapshot based mechanism where you can download backups from a snapshot taken few days earlier.


  • Cmdline based quick setup and snapshot restore
  • The free plan offers 5GB storage and 3 snapshots
  • Unlimited servers, automatic backup and basic notifications in the free plan
  • Enterprise-level secure and reliability
  • Up to date features and security updates
  • Backup with off-site redundancy to ensure that data is not lost
  • Supports 64-bit CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu at the time of writing


To install the JARVYS client you need to create an account first. You will receive a key-value pair which you need to use to download the installer script. The syntax is:

$ curl --silent --data '{"k":"myKey"}' https://my.jarvys.io/setup > jarvys-setup.sh && sh jarvys-setup.sh

The backup process takes some time to start automatically. To fire it immediately:

$ jarvys backup

Once you install the client you can login to the JARVYS web-interface and see the status in your dashboard. To restore a 3 days old snapshot:

$ jarvys restore /home/user/project 3

Webpage: JARVYS

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